Fall essentials

Now that summer has come to an end, the chilliness of the fall season is starting to install itself. After the beautiful sunny days, tasting wine, hiking, reading books, late night conversations and adventures in the West of Canada, the cold has now struck its cord and I am starting to prepare for the gorgeous autumn … Continue reading Fall essentials


The Art of Visualizing

Visualization is a great way to escape the reality of today's busy life, relax a bit and create the reality of your dreams. Indeed, many people have expressed a deep interest in studying this topic and have come up with very captivating findings and suggestions. Hence, I wanted to share some insights on this subject and … Continue reading The Art of Visualizing

Dior, J’Adore

        I have a strong attachment to classic pieces, however, I am absolutely in love with everything that brands are creating recently and I adore a lot of the trends of today. An item that I have been desiring for a while now has to be the Dior double pearl earrings. I just find that … Continue reading Dior, J’Adore