Styling tricks and fancy kicks

Now that we are approaching spring time in the northern hemisphere and the days are getting brighter and a bit warmer, its time to get out all the related fashion pieces. I wanted to share my love for incorporating trainers into my style during this time of the year. Perhaps some of you would have noticed … Continue reading Styling tricks and fancy kicks


Dior, J’Adore

        I have a strong attachment to classic pieces, however, I am absolutely in love with everything that brands are creating recently and I adore a lot of the trends of today. An item that I have been desiring for a while now has to be the Dior double pearl earrings. I just find that … Continue reading Dior, J’Adore

Luxury products

After the Black Friday event, I am in the mood to talk luxury. I have a big love for high street fashion as well as designer products and I adore following bloggers that show and talk about such things. I have a huge love for absolutely all the well known designers although I must say that my … Continue reading Luxury products