Things to do this Spring

For those of you who feel inspired with the arrival of a new season just like I do, here are a few things to make you enjoy Spring even more 🙂

  1. Make a morning routine. It can consist of anything from going for a workout, to just spending some time preparing a good breakfast. I have mentioned some other tips in my article “The Miracle Morning” if you are interested you can check it out there. For instance, I like waking up very early, in the proximity of 6 or 7 am in order to kick off my day with a lot of positive moments before starting my tasks. I first open my blinds and make my bed and then I sit down to meditate for a few minutes or I make a gratitude list. Then I proceed with making a good cup of coffee and some nice food. Sometimes I also include a trip to the gym or I read/ watch a couple of motivational videos. So that’s a few ideas of things to include in a morning routine!


  2. Meditations. Doing some yoga or simply listening to a guided meditation can help release stresses. There are a lot of online sources available to guide you. You could also explore several topics such as Reiki cleansing. Cleaning out all the negative energies accumulated from the lack of sun and the cold of the long winter days can be so refreshing for this Spring season.

  3. Get outdoors. Plan out some fun things to do such as going for a road trip or being on a farm with animals where you could also take horseback riding lessons. Just being around nature and fresh air can get you much more relaxed and ready to dive into the new season.


  4. Spend time with family or friends. Take out your niece or nephew to a fun activity. Go out with your sisters or brothers. Take your friend to a coffee shop. Eat lots of good food and enjoy 🙂


  5. Do a massive clean-out. This one is so important. You can even put all of your winter clothes away and donate whatever is not needed anymore. Cleaning up your space will help you get some order in your thoughts as well as help with feeling at ease and more peaceful in your space.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, just enjoy this beautiful time of the year when nature is rebuilding itself and everything starts to slowly flourish after a long lasting winter 🙂



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