Infused water recipes

Water makes up a huge part of our body. It is so important to drink lots of it to have good skin and hair and better health in general. Seeing as I was never a big fan of drinking water, I thought I would share a few infused water recipes that helped me get my daily … Continue reading Infused water recipes


Recap of 2016

The year of 2016 was a tough year yet it was filled with many experiences and learning processes. My year was filled with so much hard work and positive moments: I entered my second year of University in Mechanical Engineering, travelled around the US, found my very first internship in my field of study, attended … Continue reading Recap of 2016

Luxury products

After the Black Friday event, I am in the mood to talk luxury. I have a big love for high street fashion as well as designer products and I adore following bloggers that show and talk about such things. I have a huge love for absolutely all the well known designers although I must say that my … Continue reading Luxury products