Drugstore makeup

There is practically almost just a week left before Christmas and I decided to gift myself a few things to pamper myself up for the Holidays. I thought I would share my thoughts on a couple of products that I got from the drugstore on this snowy morning in Canada 🙂

First off, I purchased a foundation from Bourjois Paris and it is the healthy mix serum gel foundation in shade 53 (light beige). I found that it is absolutely gorgeous and it also has a nice gentle smell because it is a vitamin-rich fruit therapy product so it has a delicious fruity fragrance that is very subtle and that smells of lychee, goji berries and pomegranate. The foundation is a semi-matt finish and is not ultra-thick in coverage. I would say that it is probably more for lighter coverage according to the scale that is illustrated on the bottle. It has a pump so it is easy to access the product and apply it on makeup brushes.  The price of this foundation was decent, in the range of 30$ and the bottle contains 30mL.

The second thing I got was an amazing powder by L’Oréal. You can probably tell that I have a bit of a trend when it comes to L’Oréal products since I often purchase things from this brand. The powder that I got is the “true match super-blendable  powder” in the neutral shade. This color is darker than it seems to be from the packaging. It also comes with two compartments: in one is the powder itself and in the second one there is a mirror and an applicator. When you apply it, it really gives a beautiful tan look to your face and this product cost me just a bit below 20$ since it was on sale 🙂 image

I also purchased a VICHY kit for about 30$ that contains a face mask, a moisturizer and a cleanser. I only tried out the face mask so far and I really liked the fresh smell that it had.

Lastly, I got a big bottle of the Marcelle 3 in 1 makeup remover for face and eyes. It is very gentle and refreshing on the skin and has a nice little pump to get product onto your cotton wipes. The bottle has 300 mL so it can last for several months.

Overall, I would say that I’m quite happy with the quality  and price of these makeup pieces and that there is a lot of products that are good to try out from the drugstore in terms of makeup!


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