Fall essentials

Now that summer has come to an end, the chilliness of the fall season is starting to install itself. After the beautiful sunny days, tasting wine, hiking, reading books, late night conversations and adventures in the West of Canada, the cold has now struck its cord and I am starting to prepare for the gorgeous autumn to arrive. I must say, the few days of vacation spent indulging in the beauty of the Rockies, picking fresh peaches at British Columbia’s fruit markets and picnicking in the sun with wildlife surrounding me was such a great experience. Nothing compares to just being present and  surrounded by nature. In fact, if you’re interested in places to visit in the western part of Canada, I could definitely come up with some recommendations for you.


Mission Hill Family Estate Winery – West Kelowna


Maligne Lake – Jasper National Park


Now a new season has begun and although the cold weather is much dreaded by many, I wanted to share some ideas of how to make this Fall season cozy and exiting.

1.Fall planning: Setting up a fall agenda or bullet journal can add a bit more spice. When you plan events or activities and get creative with your to-do’s, it can ignite an extra spark and something to look forward to in the future cold days. Organize some breakfast or lunch dates with your friends, set up a nice theme in your agenda by adding autumnal hues of burgundy and mustard, write down some motivational quotes for the next few months, set-up all the birthday dates on your agenda calendar and you’ll see how quickly the darkness of this season can turn into something that you’re exited about!


2. Get cooking good looking: Two of my favorites for fall time are almond cookies and ginger-cinnamon home-made tea. Its a guarantee you’ll feel much more jolly when having this combination 🙂

3. Get your hands on a salt lamp: yes, you heard me, a salt lamp. Those things are so good at setting up a relaxation ambiance. I just got mine the other day on Amazon but if not, you can always find some in home-department stores. In fact, Himalayan salt lamps are said to have loads of benefits to them and are also so cozy to have in these gloomy and chilly days.


4. Pumpkin and apple picking. Ok, this is cliché, but I’m mentioning this because I find it’s a great excuse to be outside during this season. In fact, I think what’s so fun and satisfying about apple picking is not the apples themselves but just being in the fields with family or friends in the crispy cold weather and being away from the city life, having some laughs and bringing home some fresh apples for apple pies.

5. Halloween. Yes! Its time for some horror movies, costumes and loads and loads of candy! What can be better.

7. Fall fashion: Indeed, I think this is my favorite season for styling outfits. It’s quite easy to be chic and classy as well as super casual and cozy without freezing too much. Get yourself some big warm scarfs, some new jackets, a few boots and a nice hat and you’re all set for the season.

There’s just so much more I can add about the beauty of this season and how exiting it is. Hopefully, this article will make the melancholy of the ending summer more bearable for you!Let me know in the comments what your favorite thing is about this time of the year.



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