Dior, J’Adore

        I have a strong attachment to classic pieces, however, I am absolutely in love with everything that brands are creating recently and I adore a lot of the trends of today.

An item that I have been desiring for a while now has to be the Dior double pearl earrings. I just find that the “Dior Tribales” earrings are so elegant and yet very statement. Moreover, they come in a variety of designs and can be worn as a pair or as a single earring.

I think that Dior is just an overall beautiful brand that has gorgeous items. Personally, I love how they are able to create very soft and elegant pieces by incorporating light tones and classical designs. Whether it be perfume bottles, shoes, bags, accessories, makeup or even clothes, Dior has a combination of youthful freshness and very mature femininity present in their products. Any item from Dior can complement a woman in a rejuvenating way without compromising the boldness and strength of her character.

I thought to myself that there might be several of you who share a similar excitement as me for pieces like the Dior double pearl earrings. Since luxury pieces might not be accessible for purchase for everyone, I wanted to share a couple of stores where similar types of earrings can be found at very low costs.

In fact, this past weekend I went window shopping and I spotted some great sales. Stores were displaying spring boots for low costs, some clothing items as much as 70% reduced, etc. However, what I really wanted to find was a pair of earrings. Specifically, double pearl ones.

So I stopped by Claire’s which has all sorts of jewellery bits and amongst all of those pieces I found exactly what I was looking for.


As can be seen from the above photo, I have purchased several pairs of double pearl earrings. I like to mix and match the pearls.

The retail price for the transparent pearls from Claire’s was around 10$.

The two other pairs I got from Ardene. They actually always have great deals like 3 items for 15$ and such. It goes to say however that you pay for what you are getting so I would not say that the quality is awesome; sometimes there might be little defects. Nevertheless, it is very affordable and for the sake of wearing some new earrings a couple of times, I think it is very much worth it.

I also found a pair of earrings at Ardene that were very similar to the “UltraDior” earrings. However, they had a defect so I am unable to use them hence I would advise to verify that the closure of the earring is functional before picking any item.

That was all the input from my part. If you do happen to have the above stores available near you and you wish to find yourself a pair of double pearl earrings, do check them out 🙂

Till next time!




2 thoughts on “Dior, J’Adore

  1. Sunil says:

    It is good information especially when you can’t afford high end products you can choose a alternate combination which will be ideal and affordable.
    Love this blog

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