#Food is Medecine

A really important topic that has come accross my mind at this very particular moment is the subject of eating disorders. In fact, having experienced the atrosities of anorexia through people close to me that have dealt with it, I can say that it is a big issue to adress.

In the modern society, there is a huge emphasis placed on body image which leads to an immense amount of pressure for women and men alike to look a certain way physically.
Eating disorders have become a big issue and affect so many people, young kids alike. At times it may not even be apparent but deep anxiety and  mental health issues arise.Body image is the source of an immense craze costing people their health.

Eating disorders involve lots of complexities and of course have many causes both psychological and biological. I am not a specialist in any way but I just wanted to spread a bit of awareness and show some support. I wanted to say that it is ok to look at your doughnut with the deepest love and affection. It is ok to feel exited about eating and it is absolutely normal to not look like a barbie doll.

Have that pizza girl, eat those chocolates, enjoy some crispy chicken and maybe even invite me because food is life and I love all of it 🙂

Dont be shy to contact me in private for any concerns or come follow me on Instagram @ritirayna if you enjoy my posts.



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