The Art of Visualizing

Visualization is a great way to escape the reality of today’s busy life, relax a bit and create the reality of your dreams. Indeed, many people have expressed a deep interest in studying this topic and have come up with very captivating findings and suggestions. Hence, I wanted to share some insights on this subject and guide you towards some sources that can further enlighten you.

In general, creative visualization is used as a method to see a clear image of your goals, dreams and desires to a point where you can almost sense it to be your current reality. Creative visualization can be used as an extension to the Law of Attraction and it can be done directly in your head or you can use a journal to clearly write down your vision in the present tense.


Many suggest it as part of a meditation practice since it is easier to create images when your body is relaxed and rid of all tensions. More specifically, it has been stated that right after you wake up in the morning and just before going to sleep at night are the best times to practice visualizing. In addition, positive affirmations can be incorporated side by side with your visual images to make it more powerful.

You can use this for any area of your choice whether it be for visualizing characteristics of the relationships that you want in your life, specific foods that you would want as part of your diet, a place you would love to visit, a dream job, house or car, etc.


Moreover, when writing down your visualizations, it is best to incorporate the five senses, i.e, hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling into your descriptions. That is, try writing down how you would feel in a particular situation of your dream, what sensations of the touch would you experience and what you would taste, hear, see and smell in that moment. For a more explicit example, here is a passage:

I am living my dream life in Italy. I own a luminous, white villa in Tuscany where the rays of the sun reach my windows every morning and make the rooms shine with brightness. The air is so fresh here and it feels like a perfectly warm summer day on the regular. My skin has turned golden from the sun. I own a friendly little coffee store in which the locals gather to have a warm and foamy latté over some insightful conversations. My passion is to help people and hence I teach children how to read every Sunday afternoon in my garden.

As you can see, in the above example, there is room to go even more in depth about the villa and what kind of rooms are in it and how it is furnished and details on what the coffee shop looks like and maybe even more specific details on the voices of the people and their appearance. In brief, there are infinite possibilities where this passage can go in terms of details. You get to decide how you want to write your visions down but the more detail you incorporate, the better it is. Also, if you have trouble visualizing, trying to read visualization passages from other people or from books can help you create images.

I have found that the best two sources for explaining this topic in further detail would be the brief book ” Creative Visualization” by Shakti Gawain and “The Master Key System” by Charles Haanel. In fact, both of them stem from the concepts of the law of attraction and are very easy to follow.

To finish off, I wanted to mention that this is not a guaranteed method of obtaining everything you want. However, if you take consistent action towards your dreams but also use visualization on the side to help you get to them, it could be a great tool.




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