Styling tricks and fancy kicks

Now that we are approaching spring time in the northern hemisphere and the days are getting brighter and a bit warmer, its time to get out all the related fashion pieces. I wanted to share my love for incorporating trainers into my style during this time of the year.

Perhaps some of you would have noticed the growing popularity of using kicks as part of an outfit in the past couple years. Indeed, when it was previously considered quite odd to wear chunky sports shoes in general, let alone wear them with dresses, nowadays it has become a quite familiar style.

I personally adore odd combinations and clothing pieces and I have always been a fan of wearing unconventional items. I would style my mother’s old turtle-necks when they were not even in style and wear a full-jean look from top to bottom or put on thick healed keds with a dress and oversized sunglasses.

I was basically always into older trends and I would incorporate them into my style out of the trend seasons and little by little it so happened that these items found their way back into modern day trends. I would say that my favorite fashion blogger is Tamara Kalinic because I find that she has a very particular style that is unconventional and very different and that speaks to me on a personal level.

One of my all time favorite styles is the casual-chic or sports-chic style. For that reason I really adore the fact that trainers have been seeing an increasing popularity.


I own quite a few pairs of different types of casual and sporty shoes all of which have such a variety of purposes when it comes to complimenting outfits.

For instance, Nike shoes tend to be good for practicing sports or going to the gym and they can also be worn with casual outfits like leggings and a t-shirt with a jean jacket on top.

Moreover, I recently acquired a pair of Steve Madden shoes which are a very nice nude pink and have rose-gold metallic details with slits on the side. They are perfect for being comfortable and at the same time building a very relaxed and interesting look. I really enjoy taking a simple, straight cut dress and combining it with this type of trainers or high-heeled keds to create a very edgy outfit.


I do not think I can express enough how obsessed I am with trainers and my desire to acquire SO SO MANY more.

If you would like to see a post on how I would wear these shoes or an article on spring outer wear comment down below and also let me know if there are any other subject you might be interested to read more about. Perhaps I should do an article with facts about me so that you could get to know me a bit better 🙂 Let me know if you would like to see that.

If you enjoy my posts, do not hesitate to share them and follow my journey as I tend to post every once in a while 😀


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