Five ways to fill blank pages with taste

If you are anything like me than you probably have a collection of notebooks lying around without any particular purpose. Or maybe you just need some ideas on what to fill them with.  Here are some thoughts of what you can do with spare notebooks in order to cultivate a meaningful outcome:

1.Journaling. This is a great way to relieve stress and get all your thoughts onto paper in order to declutter the mind. Journaling is a more personal form of writing and can be done by narrating the events of your day, your emotions, things that are bothering you, etc. There are several formats in which you can organize a journal:

  • Bullet journaling which is great for people who are very organized or want to be organized and who love making lists.
  • Scrapbook journaling which involves inserting several key elements like pictures or concert tickets into your journaling pages.
  • Using a pre-planned journal like a five-minute or happiness journal to have guided pages that can help with your daily reflections.

2.Gratitude notebook. Indeed, if any of you are avid believers of the Law of Attraction or just need an idea for what to fill up spare pages with, I recommend keeping a notebook where you could record things you are grateful for.

Making gratitude a daily practice can help you be more positive and open to new opportunities in life. I personally use one notebook for both journaling and writing my gratitude lists but having a separate booklet for your gratitude statements can also be an idea. I like keeping all of my notebooks and favorite books on my night table beside me in order to have an easy access to them when I want to write some notes down or make a gratitude list in the morning or before going to bed.




3.Quotation diary. From reading various books and searching up many authors and successful personas, I have come to a realization that there are a lot of very powerful quotes that I really enjoyed and wanted to keep for further reference.

Therefore, having a blank booklet where you can jot down some of your favorite sayings and quotes from people that inspire you can be great for motivation. In fact, when you are feeling down or gloomy or sad, you could always just open up your quotation diary to a random page and get some positive affirmations from there.

4.The “address book”. I do not mean to literally make your notebook an address book(although you could). What I mean by “address book” is the type of notebook you would use to keep all your go-to info. This can mean making to-do lists, grocery lists, tracking expenses, writing down names of books that you would like to read in the near future, noting down goals, activity lists and just any kind of quick thoughts that you need to remember for later on. This type of notebook could just be any very thin and easy-to-carry around booklet and one in which you would not mind to make little doodles or have messy writing in.


5. Creative writing. A last idea to fill up spare notebooks is to use them for creative purposes. For instance, if you like to write, you can outline your stories in there or if you like music then maybe you could write down some songs you came up with or poems that you enjoy, etc. This type of journal can be a personal portfolio of your creative pieces.

Overall, I outlined theses five ideas in this particular manner in order to keep it more structured but feel free to also just mix elements from these categories together. You can just write everything in one book such as your to-do lists, your journal entries and your poems and not have a separate notebook for each purpose.

Having diaries filled with your written-out thoughts is always enjoyable. You can always look back at who you were several months or years ago and note down the progress and growth that you have made. Its good for keeping memories and can also be beneficial for your internal well-being. Hopefully my article has inspired some of you. If you have any other ideas on the topic, please leave a comment below 🙂


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