The Miracle Morning

In today’s fast-paced world, one tremendously important factor that is constantly lacking is time: time for ourselves, time to breath and step back. I think that we get so absorbed in our own work and lives and experience great deals of stress and anxiety about what needs to get accomplished it becomes like a never ending Ferris wheel ride.


For this reason, I personally think that it is so important to have public figures that provide empowerment and encouragements to fuel us because I think that the aspect of togetherness and mutual support in between people is something that needs to grow.

After all that rambling, what I am trying to get at is that since I myself enjoy reading and listening to inspiring people, I want to be that inspiring person for someone too.

I really love exploring the points of views others have on different topics such as topics of success, time management, stress management, organization, etc.,etc. and I love learning from it and incorporating new tricks into my life. There is just something so exiting about accumulating new information on various subjects and absorbing it.

For instance, I recently just discovered this wonderful woman on YouTube named Dani Watson and I absolutely love her tone of voice and listening to her insights. She has various videos that pertain to building confidence and empowering people to grow more successful and building a life that they need no vacation from. So if you are interested in those topics I suggest checking her out 🙂

Another inspirational person to me is Isabel Palacios. She is my age and I can absolutely relate with her mind set 100%. I find so great that there are opportunities to connect with people on a more personal level and learn new things from them.

Something that I wanted to share with you today was a tip for a more successful life and that is: practicing a morning routine.

Indeed, when you wake up early and have something to look forward too before starting a day full of work, it really eases you into the day and sets a more positive and productive atmosphere. I personally really love making breakfast; it is possibly one of my favourite meals of the day and that is one thing that gets me very excited to get up in the morning. It could be anything really and below are several other examples of morning routine activities.

Dani Watson suggests in one of her videos to read a book called “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

Essentially what this book emphasizes on is to wake up a bit earlier in order to practice the following things in the morning:

S-silence (meditation, waking up and taking a couple of minutes to meditate)

A-affirmations (telling yourself positive affirmations)

V-visualization (envisioning the things you want in life, whether it be through a vision board or in your head)

E-exercise (doing some stretches, some yoga, going for a brief walk, etc.)

R-reading (does not have to be a long, could be just reading several motivational passages from your favourite books)

S-scribing (in other words, writing or journaling to track your thoughts and achievements).


So if you are like me and enjoy learning new things, I hope I brought something new into your day 🙂


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