Infused water recipes

Water makes up a huge part of our body. It is so important to drink lots of it to have good skin and hair and better health in general. Seeing as I was never a big fan of drinking water, I thought I would share a few infused water recipes that helped me get my daily intake!

First off, I use the “FlavourIt” water bottle to make my infused drinks. It is made with glass for the body part and the infusing tube is plastic. It comes with a lid to close the bottle if you want to take it with you which is very practical. My bottle is with red details but there are also other colors available such as yellow and black.


My personal favorite water is lemon water so I usually cut up a couple of pieces of lemon or lime or both. To that I also like adding cucumbers and a bit of ginger.

However, there exist many other combinations to explore. Here are a few examples of what can be put in the FlavourIt bottle:

  1. Citrus Cucumber Water: lemon, lime, orange and cucumber.
  2. Cucumber Melon Water: cucumbers, honeydew cubes and cantaloupe cubes.
  3. Honeydew Lime Water: lime, mint and honeydew.
  4. Herb and Berry Water: blueberries and fresh rosemary.
  5. Lemon-Mint Water: lemon with fresh mint or fresh basil.
  6. Frozen Fruit Water: either frozen grapes, berries or apple pieces.
  7. Watermelon- Basil Water: watermelon (without seeds) and basil.
  8. Fruit-Bowl Water: combination of strawberries, mint, apple, lemon, raspberries, orange and pear.
  9. Ginger Water: some ginger thinly sliced and mint leaves.
  10. Cucumber- Herb Water: cucumbers, mint, rosemary and some lemon.

You can also refrigerate the water for a couple of hours and slightly crush the fruits or berries or whatever you use in order to release more flavor. I did not put any specific proportions of how much of what needs to be added because I find that each person has their own preferences so add in however much you want in order to have a more pronounced taste for your favorite ingredients.


Hopefully this inspires several of you to explore some new water tastes and be sure to check out my other articles if you enjoyed this one 🙂



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