The law of attraction & Positive thinking

After a beautiful Christmas break, school has started once more and I am finding myself missing my vacation already. For the purpose of those who might be in the same boat as me, I wanted to talk a bit about the law of attraction and the impact of positive thinking in such times.

I want to mention first and foremost the wonderful self-learning book called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne that has inspired me to step on a path of positivity and gratefulness. After seeing so many bloggers talk about this book, I decided that I needed to have a copy of it for myself to be able to absolutely devour it and reread it whenever I wanted to.


In fact, after searching a lot for motivation and watching lots of videos on the topic, I decided that I would do the same for myself and just start being more positive and inspire others to be positive as well 🙂

I am a strong believer that positivity comes along with the feeling of gratitude. In fact, when you start appreciating everything you have in your life day by day, you start feeling more positive vibrations.

One thing I started doing was writing down the things that made me so grateful and happy in a day. I find that it helps me look back at everything that happened and realize how lucky I am. I keep my gratitude journal on my night table next to my bed so that I remember to reflect on my day. Keeping track of your gratitude moments helps you manifest even better things into your life and that is why I find it so important to write everything out.


My gratitude journal


A major point that has a role to play in your state of mind is the ATTITUDE that you put towards anything you undertake. Having experienced this myself, I can say that having a negative attitude and lack of desire to do something makes it even more impossible to do. On the contrary, if you approach a situation with ease, an open mind and a good, positive attitude, the task will seem much easier!

So hopefully this brief article can inspire a few to step on a more positive road and start making changes to lead a better, fuller life.

I really love writing motivational posts and reflecting on such subjects so if any of you want to request something specific, or a more detailed view on this topic, please feel free to email me or leave me a comment below! If you feel like you are in a rut or stuck in a negative field, do not hesitate to email me, I am more than open to discuss anything with you.



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