Recap of 2016

The year of 2016 was a tough year yet it was filled with many experiences and learning processes.

My year was filled with so much hard work and positive moments: I entered my second year of University in Mechanical Engineering, travelled around the US, found my very first internship in my field of study, attended and international car marathon with my Society of Automotive Engineers team and so much more!

Basing myself on my own small experiences, I wanted to share a bit of what 2016 made me realise and give a bit of hope and positivity for this new 2017 year.

  1. Never give up and believe in yourself: Probably the most important thing that this year has made me realise was to always keep going. A lot of what I have been through during this year seemed so tough to handle. As a small example, being that my program of study is demanding, there are times where I felt like I would not be able to continue and I felt like giving up. I would fail midterms or I would have an unbelievable amount of examinations very close to each other that made me feel helpless. I would have six final exams to take that were one after the other and I also had to attend my car competition at the same time. I would have 35 job applications to finish in one night and go to school the next morning. Moreover, since I combine school with internships, I study and work 12 months a year non-stop. However, after feeling overwhelmed, I decided that the best thing was to get up and start doing something. I picked myself up and told myself that despite those fails, I would pass my classes. And I did, with all A’s. I told myself that despite the fact that I was a new-be student with almost no experience, I would get a job. And so I did, after putting hours and hours of work and applying to at least 85 positions. The bottom line is that perseverance is key! And of course believing that you are worth it and cable always brings your goals to you. This is just a small and hopefully relatable example but this goes for everything in life:)

  2. I am my number 1 friend: There is no one who understands me better than me. If ever you feel that your family or friends do not necessarily catch your thoughts and feelings, that is ok, everyone is different. However, keep encouraging yourself and choosing what makes you happy instead of pleasing the beliefs of others.

  3. Speak what you think: This is a big one. I really think that everyone should be able to express their thoughts in a free and respectful manner. That is, we shouldn’t be constrained by restrictions such as race, sex or age. With so many taboo views on things such as what women or men should do according to their sexes, what profession women should or should not undertake, etc. it can get very repressive and heavy to deal with for both women and men. I am mentioning the sex battle topic here because it is something that has affected me and I am very found of people like Emma Watson that have tried to make a change. I think that in 2016 I have definitely stood up for myself and voiced my opinion a lot. I encourage girls and boys alike to pursue what they want in 2017 and not be affected by repressing views.

  4. Do not compare to others: Comparing your life experiences with more successful people should be in order to get more inspired. In no way should this bring you down or make you feel envious. I think that with so many social media platforms, perfect Instagram accounts,  beautiful successful people and celebrities in the world we get really overwhelmed with trying to achieve their paths but in reality there’s a lot more to it behind closed doors and you should follow your own path to success step by step 🙂 Each one of us has their own experiences to live through so don’t give up, you will achieve even greater successes than you think 🙂

  5. Fight for what you want: This kind of goes hand-in-hand with not giving up and believing in yourself. If you really want to pass a class for instance, but you are getting bad grades, make yourself a good study schedule and nail all the topics for several days till you’re a pro at it. Keep trying and trying and doing everything that you can to get to your goal. If it doesn’t work out, at least you will know that you have tried your very best and that will motivate you to succeed in your next try!

That sums up my thoughts on 2016. Hoping to enter this new year on an even better note than the previous 🙂 I am wishing a very good and productive year to all my readers 🙂 Happy 2017, may it be filled with positivity and beautiful moments!






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