Jingle bells, grey pastels

Any holiday is reason enough to dress up and feel festive. With the beautiful sunny weather, I really felt a need to take out some nice outfit pieces and make the most out of the warmth of this Christmas! Since I am spending the Holiday season in New York, I thought I would pack items that would match the eclectic nature of this city.

Here is what I wore this Christmas:

  • A simple light-grey turtleneck
  • Floral print skirt from H&M
  • Black tights
  • Block-heeled boots
  • Guess GC watch


For my makeup, I stuck to what I have been doing for the past couple of days.

I applied some of my new Bourjois Paris foundation, followed by the true match powder from L’Oréal.

Then, I used the NYX eyebrow mascara for my brows. On my lashes, I applied the Maybelline “Lots of lashes” mascara followed by some light purple and gold eyeshadows for my lids.

Finally, for my lips I used the NYX matte lipstick in shade “Stockholm” topped with a layer of the Dior “Princess” lip gloss 🙂

This sums up my look! Hoping that everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


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