Chanel Eau Fraîche Review

For the purpose of my birthday, I did several purchases one of which really highlighted my day. Indeed, I have been using a lot of different scents which include the Marc Jacobs “Oh Lola” perfume, the Giorgio Armani ” Acqua Di Gioia”, the Versace “Versense” and the Bulgari “Mon Jasmin Noir”. I absolutely love the mentioned smells, however I felt like it was a good opportunity to update my collection.

After going through a lot of different perfumes, I decided to purchase a Chanel fragrance. My first instinct was to go for the Chanel “Coco Noir” just because I fell in love with the classic black bottle that represents the brand so well. In fact, I felt that it really represented me since I adore black as a color and mostly wear black clothing items. It also reminded me Coco Chanel and her saying:

“When I find a colour darker than black, I’ll wear it. But until then, I’m wearing black!” Coco Chanel

However, when I smelled this fragrance, I did not fall in love with it which was a bit disappointing since the packaging was gorgeous. I then decided to have a look at the one and only Chanel No. 5 scent. This fragrance is very particular and I needed something easy to use with a refreshing smell therefore the No.5 was not for me.

I finally stumbled upon the Chanel “Chance Eau Tendre” and the Chanel “Eau Fraiche” and fell in love with both these smells. I would say that these perfumes are more modern and their packaging is quite bold compared to the elegant bottles of the Chanel classics. Nevertheless, both of these scents are very different and beautiful in their own way.

After a bit of pacing around, I decided to go for the “Eau Fraiche” since I find that it suits my style better. That is, the “Eau Tendre” is more of a gentle smell that has a note of pomegranate which I love, however, the “Eau Fraiche” really incorporates both a gentle and bold smell that, to me, represents a strong woman with elegant style. I find that this scent compliments a “sporty-chic” look and amplifies the modern touch that has been implemented in the fashion world throughout the years.

Whenever I wear this perfume, I feel both elegant as well as very modern. I love the freshness that this fragrance has and the different notes that it contains. I find that it is a long lasting fragrance and it is very varied in its scents throughout the day. It is indeed a fragrance full of energy that never stays still. This perfume contains notes of Citron, Jasmine and Teak Wood that you can notice changing from one to the other during the day.

I personally purchased the 50 mL format and I think that this is the perfect amount to be able to use it regularly and at the same time not get bored of it. It does spray a large quantity when you apply it, therefore I think that two sprays of this perfume is more than enough to have a rich smell throughout the day.

Overall, I think that investing into a Chanel fragrance is a must. I really think that nothing can beat the classics and Chanel is surely at the top of the list. I would definitely recommend this fragrance!image

Let me know in the comments below if you would like a review of any of the other above mentioned perfumes! I would be more than glad to write about them 🙂


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