What to give this Christmas

            Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this time of the year brings along the warmest and coziest feeling in everyone’s hearts. The festive season is a perfect occasion for giving.

Picking out gifts can be a hard task, so I put together a list of several small items that could make good combinations for a present. Of course, the main trick of giving presents is to keep in mind the receiver of the gift 🙂 Therefore, any personalised item can be an excellent idea!

  1. Stationery items. This sounds like something very simple, yet it is always very useful. In fact, if you get your friend or family member a beautiful personalised journal with a nice pen that has their initials on it, it can be both a very thoughtful and practical gift that they could use to write down their notes for the upcoming year. Moreover, you can look into purchasing a book that your close one has been wanting to read for a long time or a poster of their favorite movie or band.Another idea relating to this category is a scrapbook. Indeed, you can even add in several photos before gifting it. Similar to this is giving a picture frame with a very meaningful picture moment in it or even purchasing a digital picture frame where you can upload several pictures.image

  2. Cozy items. Christmas time is the perfect time to give things that can keep us warm. Such items can include warm socks that might have some funny Christmas designs on them, a big chunky scarf, a cozy blanket for movie nights, some mittens or funky hats. Moreover, cups and mugs are a great addition to a gift because there is such a huge variety of them and they can add a nice touch with their fun prints and they help keep us warm when we drink hot chocolate or tea by the fire place. Additionally, a decorative collection piece that fits into the winter setting is a snow globe. This item comes in so many different variations and can add a nice heart-warming touch to a home.image

  3. Food. Of course, one of the simplest gifts can always be a food item. For example,  you can get a beautiful box of your mother’s favorite chocolates and add it as a nice little extra to your main gift. Other than chocolates, there is possibilities of baking cookies or a cake with Christmas elements.

  4. For her. Women and girls usually enjoy cute jewellery items, makeup, manicure sets and such. Therefore, perhaps a lipstick, a perfume set and some jewellery pieces are a few examples of things that can be gifted to women. These do not need to extremely expensive; they can be simple items.

  5. For him. For a male receiver, you can purchase a tie, a small gift-size of his favorite alcohol, perhaps a new watch, a wallet, a set of socks, etc. Of course these are the well known items but paired up with several other small things it can become a very personalized gift!image

Indeed, these are just a few ideas. The possibilities are endless since at the moment stores have taken out so many different gift sets and Christmas items to chose from. Moreover, adding  engravings such as the person’s initials or an important word that means a lot to them onto your gift item such as onto a scarf or jewellery piece really adds a nice touch to the present.

One thing that can be very fun to do is to package your gift. This adds another element of individuality to your gift. For example, if you are making a gift to your sister or friend, you can present her gift items in a nicely packaged Mason jar with ribbons and candy canes for decoration. In fact, you can buy several items from the above list such as a lipstick, a notebook, chocolates, your sister’s favorite candle and then nicely place them in a big transparent Mason jar and add a cute card with it and there you go! Your personalized gift is ready 🙂

Image result for mason jar christmas gift


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