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After the Black Friday event, I am in the mood to talk luxury. I have a big love for high street fashion as well as designer products and I adore following bloggers that show and talk about such things. I have a huge love for absolutely all the well known designers although I must say that my favorite brands at the moment are surely Chanel, Gucci and Fendi. I came to notice this weekend after shopping a bit that several brands and regular store lines tend to have designs resembling those of luxury products and I thought I would share some points on this topic.

I personally think that it is nice finding items that make you think of your favorite designers and that are more affordable in price range, at least for the time being while saving up for a bigger purchase. Therefore, for those who are interested in finding products resembling those of luxury brands, I put together just a few places where I noticed products that reminded me of luxury items. However, I do believe that nothing will ever replace the original designs and the feeling of having such products in your collection.

I was looking at bags this Saturday and I suddenly fell upon the Calvin Klein stitch leather satchel bag in brown. It  resembles immensely  the print and style of a Luis Vuitton bag but is in the range of 300$. I have also seen some bags at Bentley that had the floral print that is usually found on Gucci bags such as the Gucci Dionysus bags. Moreover, this summer I came across a gorgeous bag from Guess that I purchased. It reminds me of the very famous Chanel Classic Flap bag design mixed with the Chanel Le Boy bag design.



There are many other examples of luxury “dupes” that I can make. For instance, at the Calvin Klein outlet in New York I have found a mini backpack that looks quite similar to that of a Fendi mini backpack. At the Aldo shoe store, I have seen some handbags that have an incredible similarity with the Gucci Marmont bags. I also remember seeing bags of a design close to that of the renowned Chloé Marcie and Choé Faye bags.

Clothing wise, it is quite simple to find pieces that have some prints alluding to those of famous designs. For example, Gucci has a lot of items with floral elements therefore any shirt or jean that might have a beautiful floral embroidery could be a reminder of the Gucci prints. Other famous brands might have specific colors that they use a lot and this can be a key factor to remember when picking out pieces. And so on and so forth.

After having a bit of an introduction to a lot of different designer items and having a bit of a memory for luxury statement pieces I became more observant to items that reminded me of these beautiful products. I think that it is really interesting to spot products that carry in them a strange similarity to items from luxury brands and wanted to share a few of my observations.



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