Affordable beauty products

        There is such a variety of beauty products on the market. Attractive smells and colors, beautiful packaging and different price points all make up several of the factors used to make a choice of product at the store. It can get pretty hectic and confusing to select items that fit our demands. For that purpose, I would like to  share a few beauty products that are all below 30$ and are of decent quality for their price point.

First in the list would be several nail polish colors from the L’Oreal exclusive collection. I have recently purchased some new nail colors to try out and those include “Jennifer’s Nude”  and  “Smell the Roses” by L’Oreal. They are beautiful nudes that range from greyish tones to pinks and mauves. If you are a lover of manicures and all things nail related, I’m sure that these colors can be a good bargain for your collection. In fact, I purchased five different colors from the nude range and they retail at about 6 dollars each. Moreover, these colors are staples and they go well with any outfit and season. Quality wise, I would say that these nail polishes require some patience because I would recommend applying two coats of color to get a richer and deeper shade. That is, one layer of polish is a bit too light on the nail. Hence, if you are looking for a thicker, gel-like consistency for nail polish, then this product might not be for you, but if you do not mind spending an extra ten minutes on your nails to layer up the colors, then this is a perfect bargain.

Image result for loreal exclusive collection nail polishes

Following the nail polish trend, there are a couple of colors that I recommend by season. For instance, the Revlon “Craving Coral” nail color is beautiful for the summer season. It is a vivid color and has a very nice, thick consistency that really stays. I would say that this is by far one of my favorite nail polishes so far in the sense that it was very affordable but also it lasts for at least a week on the nail and only requires one coat of color. Then comes the Wet n Wild “Grape Minds Think Alike”. This shade resembles burgundy with a touch of pink and is absolutely gorgeous for fall and spring time alike. Moreover, it was about 4$. Finally, a good, festive winter color is the “Golden-I” by Sally Hansen. It is such a special color, I cannot even describe it. The color is gold but with a touch of sparkles that make it look like fireworks on your nails. Again, this nail color does look more dramatic if you apply a double coat but its very much worth it for the Holiday season.

Image result for revlon craving coralImage result for sally hansen golden iImage result for wet n wild grape minds think alike

Another product that I really like is the nourishing oil for nails and cuticles from a boutique called “Dans un Jardin”. This is a place that sells all sorts of products involving essential oils such as soaps, perfumes, different candles, creams, scrubs and so on. I was looking for cuticle oil that comes with a pipette since I am a big fan of doing my nails and such, therefore I wanted something that can nourish my skin and make it more refreshed around the nails. I have looked at different possibilities from brands such as Sally Hansen and others but the products offered were above 10$ and did not seem to embody what I desired. Therefore, when I saw the little bottle from “Dans un Jardin”, I immediately fell in love with the packaging and the light natural citrus smell of the product. In fact, it cost me 7.95$ for this cuticle oil and I am quite happy with the quality-price relation. That goes to say that I definitely recommend to try out other products from this store if you do have the possibility because they smell delicious and its just such a pleasant experience.

Image result for dans un jardin cuticle oil

Now that I have covered the nail section, I want to talk about L’Oréal once more. I have picked up a hair leave-in cream from this brand for about 4 bucks just to try it out and I really do like it. It smells divine and it is fitted for all types of hair. It literally gives  a nice shine  and nourishment for the hair. I usually apply it on wet hair to use it as a primer in order to not damage my hair from the heat of the dryer. I think that it helps my hair be less tangled and prevents it from breaking. Moreover, this product helps to keep the hair looking fresh and adds a nice aroma that comes from the fact that it contains six different flower oils in it. And lastly, I am very happy with the sizing of this product. The bottle contains 150 mL in it which might seem like a small quantity but, because it comes in a cream texture and requires only small amounts for usage, it is just enough.

Image result for l'oreal oil-in cream all types of hair

Next comes a perfume that I used up in a matter of seconds and that is the Victoria’s Secret “Bombshell” fragrance. I bought the small roller 7mL version of it and it cost 22$. This has to be my favorite perfume because it is so practical to carry around and it smells bold and sexy. Although I have been using it on the regular, the convenient roller effect made it possible for the perfume to last me around 5 months. I recommend it 100%. Plus  there are so many fragrances from the VS collection to chose from besides this one.

Image result for vs bombshell rollerball

One more thing before I hit the last note. I wanted to mention the Maybelline “Lots of Lashes” mascara that was also very very cheap (in the range of 5$). This is a decent mascara to try out that has a small brush which makes it easy to use and gives the effect of long lashes. It also comes in fun packaging which is a plus.

Image result for maybelline lots of lashes mascara

And lastly, I will mention two products from NYX. The first is a tinted eyebrow mascara in the shade “Chocolate” which suits my brows perfectly and helps keep them in place and at the same time gives them a pop of color. If you’re in search of something light and more natural looking then I would say that this is a good product to use (in your corresponding brow shade). The other NYX product that I got is the soft matte lip cream in shade “Stockholm” which seems to be everyone’s favorite since it tends to be sold out every time I try to repurchase it. This is a beautiful nude matte lip color that comes with an application brush, so it resembles the format of a liquid lipstick. Overall, the lip cream dries very nicely on the lips, the only downside being that the product gets used up very fast and you will need to refill after a couple of uses. Both the eyebrow and lip product were in the range of 10$.

Image result for nyx chocolate eyebrow mascaraImage result for nyx matte lipstick stockholm

That concludes my not-so-short list of affordable beauty products to try out. Let me know if you have tried any of these and what are your impressions. Do not hesitate to leave me a comment or question in the comment section below.



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